It's an extreme rarity

that an entrepreneur dreams up something so unique

 it changes buying behaviour and

displaces existing companies in the market.


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The FacyLift

Instant and permanent Face Lifting

Instant and permanent Face Lifting

the FacyLift, a Unicorn, a $1 billion idea ... (a revolutionary idea that would appeal to millions and that has the potential for a huge profit margin)

The Instant Face Lifter

a Unicorn....

a Unicorn....

Our promise:

An instantaneous –and permanent- younger look (knocks 5- 10 yrs off of your face in less than an hour with no side effects!), with no down time, using only local anesthesia! 

The Medical Grade Silicone Patent

The FacyLift

The FacyLift

…right or wrong...,

your image impacts others' perceptions of you


 The Newest Boom for Baby-Boomers :
"The FacyLift is to Baby-Boomers,

as Breast Implants are to younger women!"

Instant and permanent face-lifting silicone implant for Baby-Boomers


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