Look rested and refreshed

A younger look in instants: Knocks down 5-10 years in minutes

Easy to implant, yet, it is permanent

Helps correct drooping eyelids (tired expression)

Smoothens out line expressions (worry forehead lines, crowfeet)

Increases your Height up to 1 ½ “ in minutes

Made of the safest & most biocompatible material: solid medical-grade silicone

Can be implanted in the privacy of your own home by a doctor or a trained nurse


Get an Instant Face-Lifting with the BEAUTY-LIFT”

Look younger in minutes

A permanent face-lift device

Rejuvenate 5 to 10 years in just minutes!

Sold over-the-counter!

Can be implanted in minutes at home by a trained nurse or at the Doctor`s Office

The user may decide to switch to a larger model before stitching(i.e. 1/2” vs. 1”)

Be the envy of your former classmates at your Annual Class of 1990`s Reunion

Lowers the cost of a face-lifting: From $10 ,000 down to $2,000

Made of medical-grade hypoallergenic solid silicone

Only local anesthetics is required.

No recovery time

No bruising or visible scars




Instant face-lifting. Improves the face dramatically by creating a brighter, softer, fresher appearance. Restore a more youthful, rested, and aesthetic look. The device produces: a younger appearing facial structure; elevation of drooping eyebrows; softening of forehead frown lines, and smoothes out vertical lines between the eyebrows.

Easy to obtain FDA market clearance

It can be sold over-the-counter

Undetectable: Cannot be noticed from the outside. Implanting does not require hair shaving.

Convenient: It is Inexpensive; Easy to implant; No side effects; Permanent

Minimum scarring or possibility of deforming hairline. No need to shave for incision.

See the (permanent) results in 30 minutes. No down-time.

Can be implanted by a trained nurse, or at the Doctor`s Office.  

Uses only local anesthesia




Dr. G. L. Borah, MD, chief of plastic surgery at UMDNJ Medical School, says one reason is that boomers - known as the "me generation" - take good care of themselves and are proud of the way they look. "They notice deepening crow's feet and new wrinkles," he explains. "And since they're less inhibited than most of their elders, they don't hesitate to do something about it."


It's no longer uncommon for men to have cosmetic surgery either, Borah says, especially 40- to 50-year-old executives and professionals. "They're up against younger men who are on the rise, and getting ahead in business is more or less synonymous with looking good," he notes.